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About Us

PrimeCore Capital is a proprietary hedge fund that has consistently achieved impressive returns since its establishment in 2021. Guided by a well-defined asset allocation strategy and a specialized trading approach, our fund has delivered a remarkable "gross" annual return averaging 411.3% over the past three years.

With a Sharpe ratio exceeding 4.0, we demonstrate a commitment to superior risk-adjusted returns. At PrimeCore Capital, our success is a testament to strategic insight and innovative approaches in the proprietary investment landscape.


PrimeCore Capital

At PrimeCore Capital, we are committed to delivering substantial results while maximising returns through effective leadership. We aim to accomplish our financial objectives through the implementation of a unique investment strategy that makes full use of the remarkable skills possessed by our fund management. 


Our in-house team of seasoned traders ensures impeccable execution.

Backed by a consistently proven track record of outstanding returns, we possess the qualifications required to manage our assets with diligence.

Our Investment Approach

Our Approach to the Markets

At PrimeCore Capital, we take great pride in our distinctive methodology, which serves as a true embodiment of our core principles. The seamless integration of rigorous risk management and advanced trading analytics into our investment philosophy distinguishes our strategy. Our operations exemplify our unwavering dedication to striking a balance between capital preservation and risk-adjusted return acquisition.

Our Principles

Selective Entry

We engage in trading activities only when entry valuations are reasonable. Our investment decisions are rooted in meticulous analysis, ensuring that each trade aligns with our comprehensive strategy.

Trailing Stops

Utilising trailing stops is an essential part of our strategy. This method reduces risk exposure and proves highly effective in navigating volatile markets in order to maximise gains when trades move in our favour.

Capital Preservation

Technical Analysis

By utilising in-house technical tools for evaluating trends and patterns, we gain market insights that enable us to identify new opportunities and make optimal trading decisions.

Risk-Reward Ratios

We assess the markets thoroughly for potential trading opportunities that have a minimum risk-to-reward ratio of 1:3. We use this measure to decide which setups to pursue, allowing us to minimise our losses and preserve the gains from our winning trades.

With the goal of protecting our capital from losses, capital preservation is a crucial approach. We safeguard our trades by promptly establishing break-even stop-loss settings, which are thereafter readjusted on a periodic basis based on the growth of our profits.


Our trading approach has evolved from our extensive experience in navigating the global financial markets. It centers around comprehensive market analysis and an unwavering commitment to effective risk management, principles that underpin every decision we make. With a vigilant focus on risk and a well-defined investment strategy, we create an environment that not only safeguards capital but also promotes the growth of risk-adjusted returns.




PrimeCore Capital consistently achieves impressive returns that align with the level of risk involved, highlighting our dedication to excellence. We carefully select trades based on specific criteria derived from market analysis, ensuring that our trades are conducted in a manner that minimises risk and maximises profitability.

Our sustainability in the ever-changing financial markets is assured by our meticulously planned and scalable strategy, designed to accommodate our diverse trading portfolio. Our ability to thrive in challenging market conditions is evident through our history of gains exceeding 1000%, while our excellent Sharpe ratio consistently exceeding 4.0 underscores our capacity for delivering outstanding performance while effectively managing risk.


Track Record


2024 Performance FEB

Annual Returns

*Past performance is not indicative of future results. Investments involve risks, and there is no guarantee that PrimeCore Capital will achieve similar returns in the future.

Risk Management

PrimeCore Capital places a strong emphasis on safeguarding capital and adjusting risk parameters in accordance with market conditions. To achieve this, we employ a disciplined approach that involves the use of trailing stop-losses, which help protect profits. These stop-losses typically amount to 0.5% of Assets under Management (AuM) on a daily basis.
In addition, we implement both soft and hard stop-loss limits to enhance our risk control measures. 
Furthermore, our strategy revolves around maintaining high liquidity positions to facilitate quick exits from investments. 

We aim to exit investments in less than a day with minimal slippage. To support our risk management efforts, we have implemented an integrated system that offers real-time monitoring of profits and losses (P&L), and intra-day risk analysis. 

Risk Parameters 

*The above Risk Parameters are non-binding and may be changed at any time in the interest of PrimeCore Capital's management.

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